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Amateur Radio Club OH3NE in Tampere, Finland

The first radio amateur club was established in Tampere 1924, so in 2014 we celebrated 90 years of amateur radio in town. Tampere is also the birthplace of radio broadcasting in Finland, and played a major part in the early days of television as well. Tampereen Radioamatöörit was incorporated as a non-profit organization in 1955, so we are sort of not-so-recent in our current form either.

Our club has about 200 members and we operate several repeaters and APRS digipeaters around the region.

We accept QSL cards via the bureau or eQSL (LOTW coming soon).

Weekly Meetings at our Clubhouse

We have meetings at the clubhouse twice a week. On Mondays we have the more general club meeting around coffee and donuts, and on Thursdays we usually tend more to technical matters. The casual meetings officially start at 1700 local time (5 pm), but usually first visitors start to arrive about an hour earlier. There are mostly no exceptions for summer months, nor for national holidays. Active members visit the clubhouse on other evenings and during weekends as well. Visitors are welcome at any time.

The clubhouse is located a nice walking distance of about a mile from downtown Tampere, at the Pyynikki sightseeing tower. The Finnish Broadcasting Corporation used to operate their local MW transmitter here until we moved in. You can find the exact location by APRS, see Aprs.fi map service.

You can get to the clubhouse also by bus. Local bus lines 15 (correct stop is Palomäentie 32, nr. 2022) and 25 (correct stop is Rosendahl, nr. 2006) will bring you closest. See Tampere Bus Route Planner.

If you wish to visit the clubhouse, it's a good idea to monitor and CQ on the local analogue repeater system OH3RNE or on the digital DMR-MARC network in Tampere region talkgroup (see below for both). The clubhouse is monitoring both systems during opening hours.


  • There is adequate parking space, and a cafeteria in the building.
  • Enough space for meetings, a comprehensive station and an electronics/RF laboratory.
  • A small separate warehouse for cables and other hardware.
  • Nice view over two big lakes.
  • Trees for antenna wires.
  • Few residents within 500 metres.
  • No rodents in a house built of granite.
  • In total one of the best places in the world for a radio amateur club (if you don't count in the almost intolerable interference level on the lower HF bands).

We also have access to another tower Näsinneula near our location where we have some of our repeaters.


Our club station is active from 3.5 MHz to 1.3 GHz. OH3TAM is our second call for special occasions. In 2017 we remember the independency of Finland in 1917 with special calls OF3NE and OF3TAM.

Equipment for HF, 6 and 4 metres:

  • IC-7300 and FT-450 for traditional modes and digimodes
  • FT-897D for mostly digimodes (remote control)
  • OCF dipole 20 m up for 80-6 metres
  • sloping half wave dipole for 60 metres
  • TH4 4 ele yagi 10 m up for 10/15/20 metres
  • 5 ele 0.8WL yagi 12 m up for 6 metres
  • 3 ele DK7ZB yagi waiting for installation for 4 metres

The digimode station can be remote controlled by members. We are mostly active on JT modes. The station is often left to receive WSPR with band scan when it is not used for other activities.

Equipment for VHF/UHF:

  • FT-736R with amplifiers
  • 15 ele CueDee 14 m up for 2 metres
  • 23 ele CueDee 15 m up for 70 cm
  • FM rigs with vertical antennas for 6 m/4 m/2 m/70 cm/23 cm
  • D-STAR rigs with vertical antennas for 2 m and 23 cm
  • P25/FM rig with vertical antenna for 70 cm
  • DMR rig with vertical antenna for 70 cm
  • Various receivers

OH3RNE FM Repeaters in Tampere

OH3RNE is our multi-site, multi-band repeater system that is permanently linked. This means you can use any receiver to reach the repeater system and any transmitter to listen to all activity. Yes, the 2 m and 70 cm repeaters are linked full-time. Below is a table of all TX and RX sites, frequencies and CTCSS tones, along with a rough estimate of coverage areas and locators for all sites.

NB. The individual 'roger beep' CWID's are temporarily disabled.

QTH Frequency Offset CTCSS CWID Status Coverage m asl
Näsinneula TX 145,750 MHz 123,0 Hz Operational CTCSS also on transmit 247
Hallila RX -0,6 MHz 123,0 Hz E ( . ) Operational 2 m main RX, East, North, Hervanta 222
Tesoma RX -0,6 MHz 123,0 Hz S ( ... ) Operational South, West, North 183
Pyynikki RX -0,6 MHz 123,0 Hz I ( .. ) Operational Downtown, Härmälä, Pirkkala 180
Näsinneula TX 434,850 MHz 123,0 Hz Operational CTCSS also on transmit 247
Pyynikki RX -2,0 MHz 123,0 Hz E ( . ) Operational Downtown (especially indoor coverage) 180
Tesoma RX -2,0 MHz 123,0 Hz H ( .... ) Operational 70 cm main RX 183

The coverage information is provisional. The system will vote for the receiver that gives the best signal to noise ratio. Just set your transmitter with a 123,0 Hz subtone. We use SvxLink by SM0SVX and a dedicated private microwave IP network for the VOIP links.

More info is available on our repeater pages in Finnish.

You can search for all repeaters in Finland on the SRAL pages.

OH3RNE Digital DMR Repeaters in Tampere

We operate two digital DMR repeaters in Tampere, both of which are connected to the Finnish OHTRBO DMR network (which in turn is connected to the worldwide DMR-MARC network).

QTH Frequency Offset Color Code Status Remarks m asl
Hervanta 434.525 MHz -2.0 MHz 1 Operational Co-sited with the OH3RTR repeaters 225
Tesoma 434.550 MHz -2.0 MHz 1 Operational - 183

You can access the Tampere area DMR repeaters from anywhere in the DMR-MARC network with talkgroup 24431 in timeslot 2. When visiting Tampere, you can also use talkgroup 8 (regional) in timeslot 2. The Finnish talkgroup is 244, also in timeslot 2. Most DMR users here speak English, so don't hesitate to call CQ!

Clubhouse Webcam

Live online camera at the clubhouse

APRS Tracking in Tampere

APRS traffic in Tampere

Club News in Finnish

OH3NE news in Finnish

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